About Taboo Tales


Welcome to Taboo Tales, your gateway to great romance novel recommendations, new releases, contests, prizes, free books, and book reviews.

Taboo Tales specializes in only romantic literature and books ranging from the sweet romantic to the hardcore erotic. Looking for a certain kink? We’ve got you covered. Each week our blog features exciting new books from every possible sub-genres across the romance spectrum, such as erotic paranormal, taboo erotica, erotic horror, just to name a few.

At the beginning of each post, you will notice a set of #hashtags which list keywords and categories fitting the book being promoted. This helps you weed out the genres you are not interested in so you can get down to finding the ones that tickle your fancy.

We have 7 sub-genres of romance:

  1. Erotic/Contemporary romance
  2. Erotic Paranormal
  3. Erotic Thriller
  4. Taboo Erotica
  5. Erotic Mystery
  6. LBGT Erotica

Each book also hosts a set “keywords” which describe what you can expect in the book, such as:

  1. aliens/alien abduction
  2. anthology
  3. apocalyptic
  4. contemporary romance
  5. BDSM/sub-dom
  6. demons
  7. futuristic
  8. ghosts
  9. high fantas (goblins, dragons, sprites, fairies, etc.)
  10. LGBT
  11. vampires
  12. werewolves/shifters
  13. taboo – group sex, menage, orgy, swinging
  14. taboo incest
  15. taboo incest roleplay
  16. trigger warning – abuse
  17. trigger warning – kidnapping/abduction/forced imprisonment
  18. trigger warning -rape
  19. trigger warning – Stockholm Syndrome

In addition, our books list the “heat” level you can expect:

  1. No Heat – sweet romance, no sex
  2. X- low heat, one sex scene
  3. XX – medium heat, two to three sex scenes
  4. XXX – high heat, four to five sex scenes
  5. XXXX-super high heat, six to seven sex scenes
  6. XXXXX-hot DAYUM! erotica at its finest, eight or more sex scenes

Never wonder who your next book boyfriend will be! Join us today and start your next hot adventure.